The Electronics Workshop can be found in Room 3.13 on the 3rd Floor of the Chemical
Engineering Building. Operating hours are 08h00 - 16h30.

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Electronics Workshop Rules, Regulations & Policies

The Electronics Workshop (hereafter referred to as “workshop”) has implemented the following rules, regulations and policies to ensure maximum safety, productivity and efficiency, as well as a harmonious working environment. Kindly familiarise yourself with them before visiting the workshop. Please note that these policies may be revised from time to time, so it is best to visit this page regularly.


Operating Hours

·         The workshop is operational Mondays to Fridays, from 08h00 to 16h30.

·         The workshop is closed on weekends and public holidays.

·         If both Mr Ameen Jakoet (Chief Technical Officer) and Mr Curwin Nomdoe (Workshop Assistant) are not present in the workshop, the workshop is closed. Mr Graham Inggs, Faculty UNIX admininistrator, will still be able to access his office after hours. If the door is open, you are always invited to come in and ask for help.

Requesting a Job

·         Staff and students may commission the workshop to undertake jobs that are electronic, electrical, mechanical and electromechanical in nature. Requests can be sent to Ameen Jakoet or to the Workshop.

·         Work done by the workshop will incur a cost. Our current prices are listed on our website.

·         The workshop reserves the right to refuse jobs if it believes the jobs to be unfit for the intended purpose, dangerous, impractical or too time-consuming.

·         Normally, jobs are prioritised according a “first-in-first-out” system. If there are delays (e.g. waiting for parts), work will commence on the next job in the queue.

·         Under extenuating circumstances, some jobs may be prioritised.

·         Priority requests need to be motivated by email.

·         Please ensure that any equipment you bring in for repairs or modifications is cleaned and free of chemicals before entering the workshop.

Working in the Workshop

·         For health and safety reasons, you may not conduct any work in the workshop yourself without express permission from the CTO.

·         Such permission will only be granted if you are qualified to do such work, if the work is not dangerous, if the work is of an electronics nature, and if the workshop has the facilities required for this work.

·         This work will be billed for as per the billing structure published on our website. Permission only extends to office hours.

·         Permission may me refused for any reason.

·         Desk space, if available, may be rented out to you if you are suitably qualified to work in the workshop. You will be expected to abide by all workshop policies, rules and regulations. You may only work during operating hours (see above).

Borrowing Items

·         Certain items may be borrowed from the workshop.

·         Loans are permitted for a maximum of seven (7) days.

·         Provide your name, student/staff number to either the CTO or the Workshop Assistant before taking the loaned equipment.

·         If the item on loan is not returned on or before the indicated return date, a late-return penalty will be levied for every late day.

·         If the item is not returned within 30 days after the return date, the lender will, in addition to the late return fine, be billed the item’s replacement cost.

Health & Safety

·         For safety and security, the workshop is under constant video surveillance.

·         If you get injured in the workshop, report the problem to the CTO or the Workshop Assistant immediately.


·         Visitors are required to report to the CTO, the Workshop Assistant, or the Faculty UNIX Administrator on arrival.

·         Switch off all equipment after use and return all tools to their rightful places.

·         Always ensure that your workspace is left in a safe and tidy state after use.

·         Do not wear any lab coats or lab gloves in the workshop.

·         Do not enter the ICTS switch-room. This room does not belong to us and is off limits except in emergencies.