The Electronics Workshop can be found in Room 3.13 on the 3rd Floor of the Chemical
Engineering Building. Operating hours are 08h00 - 16h30.

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Services Offered

The Electronics Workshop provides a large variety of services to staff and postgraduate students within the department. These services include:

  • Custom Hardware Design
    We design electronic circuits and hardware specially tailored to your requirements.
  • 3D Printing
    We offer PLA plastic 3D printing of small to medium-sized designs.
  • Custom Software Design
    We design software in a variety of languages, including LabVIEW, Java, C, Python, C++ and assembler, depending on your requirements.
  • Project Management
    We manage projects, including test rigs.
  • Software Installations
    We install a range of software products you may require.
  • Repairs
    We repair most electronics and electrical problems. We do also offer IT support, outside the offered help of ICTS.
  • Departmental Services
    We supply projectors, provide technical support, and loan equipment.